When he’s right…

This time I’m with Trump.

No, seriously.

This time I think he’s on to something.

I also want our troops out of Syria

And out of Saudi Arabia and out of Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Oman and (list simply too long to continue)…..

Let the oil companies hire their own army for a change.

Hey, remember that time Iraq and Iran attacked America on our own soil?

Me either.

But now we’ve got Iran surrounded.

And we broke Iraq. So now we own it.

And we’ve certainly, um, taken care of Saudi Arabia.

I’m just tired of keeping the world’s peace. It’s exhausting. And expensive.

Who asked us anyway?

Oh yeah, I forgot.

What we’re fighting for.

Still, maybe we ought to sell the world fewer guns and more butter for a while.

Hey, remember that time Turkey sent troops to destabilize Venezuela.

Me either.

How about we let, oh I dunno, Norway defend the world for a while.

While we take care of some other pressing matters at home.

Before things start to implode on us.

Personally, I don’t want to study war no more

Because frankly, we’re already too damned good at it.

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