We need a good cleaning

On Tuesday I washed my hands of the Presidential Primary and the Gainesville City Commission elections.

Actually, I did it twice.

Once before I marked my ballot and once immediately after.

My polling place is in a church, but they were apparently fresh out of holy water.

So we all pumped Purell hand sanitizer instead.

This is the way we live our lives now. And while the reason we’re all washing, washing, washing, washing our hands is for fear of the virus, I experienced a visceral joy in ritualistically washing my hands over the candidates of my choice.

I can’t wait to do it again on August 18, whether or not we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.

And especially on Nov. 3.

That’s when we all must be resolved to wash a whole bunch of rascals, scoundrels and scallywags right out of our public institutions.

From the White House to the state house.

Don’t look now but our system of representative democracy is on life support.

It’s become a filthy business in this Citizens United gilded age of legislating for, of and by lobbyists.

They who comfort the 1 percent and stick us with the bill have got to go.

And, listen, all the Purell in the world won’t make them come clean.

Only we can do that by voting like America sorely needs a thorough house cleaning.

We are the cure.

So let’s keep washing our hands as we get about putting this dirty business right.

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