Between the signs

Some people like to take photos of grand monuments or sweeping vistas when they travel. But I like signs. What they say, what they don’t say, what they say between the lines and what they really mean. Here’s a sampling of my Signs Of The Times collection from hither and yon.

I found this quote from Andy Warhol painted on a street in Chicago.

The photo display was taken out front of City Hall in London.

Flamingos in Iowa? Took that one at the end of a RAGBRAI (bike ride across Iowa).

A bank in Greenville, S.C. says nothing doing to gunnies.

Buskers and beer in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dream, work and beer banner…can’ remember where I took it.

I was intrigued by this fashion ad I found on the wall in the ancient seaside town of Hvar, in the Dalmatian Islands of Croatia. Wondered why she looked so sad.

The bike week photo came from nearby Trogir. Can’t help but feel that she would be smiling if she only had a bike.

You can’t climb the walls in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Don’t run in front of cars when you are in Ireland.

No spitting in Smith Falls, Ontario.

Snapped the aristocracy is doomed sign in New York City.

And algae alert, sadly, comes from Florida.

All from San Francisco. I love that town.

The smoking horn is from Florence.

Live Music was on the sidewalk in downtown Greenville, S.C.

Konoba, home of the Flintstones, is in Omiš, Croatia.

Napoleon Vagrant was shot in Halifax.

The folk dancers were in London.

And Hamlet complements of Thornhill, Scotland.

My friend Otis Chandler was freaking out over the wild oysters in Palatka.

Whatever you do, don’t step on the microbes in Sedona

Stay away from the coyotes in Nova Scotia

And don’t feed the condors coins in the Grand Canyon.

Or flirt with zebra mussels in Page, Ariz.

If you are looking for unity, go to the Eau Gallie arts district in Melbourne, Fl.

Want lights on your path? Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Contemplate a nice cuppa tea? Yaroslavl, Russia.

Life of the grasses reflected through the window of the Reykjavik airport in Iceland.

Russia’s most discredited sign now reposes in a park set aside for yesterday’s symbolism in Moscow.

Snapped this yellow “Don’t Tread On Me” flag in Palace Square, St. Petersburg.

Warren Nielsen and I found the place where Dostoevsky used to get drunk in St. Petersburg.

This poster emblazoned concert hall in St. Petersburg used to be a refuge for bureaucrats.

And this tribute to the victims of political oppression looks out across St. Petersburg’s Neva River to focus on a prison that is still in use.

Found this tribute to Trump in Buena Vista, Virginia.

American Sector sign was in a museum in Ottawa.

Love was in the air, and everywhere else, in Woodstock, Virginia.

Peace, love and beer in Philly.

Local market bankrupt by big box in Woodstock, NY.

And you can get any spiritual thing you want in Casadaga, Fl.

Assembly point, maturing whisky, unhappy chocolate lovers, handout sign, Bloody Stream and strong Guinness all taken in Dublin.

All these photos taken during a bicycle tour of southern Scotland, where they are apparently terrified of red squirrels and have lost their bull.

Gotta love Venice. They want the Mafia out and have no use for homophobes.

My favorite Ontario town, Perth, is a happening place.

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