Ah Venice redux

Continuing our armchair travels in these home-bound times of coronavirus. Recalling a few days in Venice before things really went to hell.

In the spring of 2014 Jill and I stopped for a few days in Venice on our way home from Croatia. Never did get to climb out of a sewer in St. Marks Square while being chased by religious fanatics and rats, like Indiana. But it was still fun.

We quickly learned that if you want to see anything worthwhile, like the great cathedral at St. Marks, you had to do it early in the morning, before the cruse ships discharged their armies of walking zombies. After that it was all elbows akimbo.

On the other hand, you could jump aboard one of the water taxis and spend the rest of the day exploring the outer islands in the lagoon. Few cruise shippers chose to spend their off day ashore afloat, oddly, so the outer islands were beautiful and uncrowned.

Legend has it that Travis McGee initially wanted to berth in Venice. But they told him the Busted Flush wasn’t up to code.

Oddly, I’ve been to Venice twice. Once as a 19-year old sailor, and once just a few years ago. Still haven’t been on a gondola. It’s rather like paying that guy to pole you across the River Styx.

Murano Island was a riot of color. Colorful buildings competing with colorful boats.

Walking through Venice at night is the most seductive exercise imaginable.

I have to wonder if Venice masks are selling out now that we’re all, you know, wearing masks.

“We’re lost in a masquerade.” Leon Russell.

If Venice were run by a Gainesville council we would all be complaining about the leakage.

What could be better than hanging your socks out on a balcony that’s been around for 200 years?

Lions and babies and nymphs oh my!

What’s the difference between Venice Italy and Venice Florida? You can ride a bicycle in Venice Florida.

This was the Golden Age of Venice, before the floods put everything under water.

“Spill the wine, dig that girl.” Eric Burden.

The opportunity to quietly stroll St. Marks Square in uninterrupted solitude is disturbed only by the cruise ship debarkation schedule.

No to homophobia. No to the mafia. Signs of the times.

“One of the things I like about Venice is that it’s so safe for me to walk.” Julie Christie said in “Don’t look Now” (a slasher flick disguised as an art house film) just before everything went to, um, shreds.

They say that cockroaches will ultimately inherit the world. But I’m not ruling out pigeons.

On the other hand, if Disney had built it there would be moving sidewalks.

On the plus side, they’re not in danger of running out of water any time soon.

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