One more trail old friend

Louis always insisted on walking faster than the rest of us.

Rain or snow.

He was our fire master extraordinaire.

And our Sliding Rock slider.

Which is not to say he was above taking a well deserved break.

Sometimes too well deserved.

And he always hiked in tattered shorts no matter the weather.

In the Rockies

And the Smokies.

He loved his hot chocolate.

And his feet were not always firmly planted on the ground.

Lost in contemplation.

And we’re pretty sure he’s out there still.

Author: floridavelocipede

A sometime journalist who used to string words together for a living before I retired to run a non-profit cycle touring organization that will henceforth go unnamed, as I have subsequently retired from that career as well. I write a bi-monthly column, theater reviews and an occasional magazine piece for my old newspaper. If I still had a business card it would read: Ron Cunningham: Trained Observer Of The Human Condition. Because like The Donald, you know, ego.

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