The parking garage gallery

On my post-election ride Wednesday I stopped downtown and took a walking tour of the city parking garage. No, I’m not a exactly a fan of cars, but there are literally dozens of murals scattered amid all of that rolling stock and concrete. It’s certainly worth a look-see.

Fun fact. Women are manatees and men are squids. Who knew?

Faces in the concrete.

And still more faces.

Having traded downtown parking spots for outdoor dining, the city is now offering free parking in the garage.

“The wallpaper is terrible…one of us will have to go.” Reputed to be Oscar Wilde’s last words.

When graffiti is a crime only criminals will have spray paint.

Animal house.

Who you callin’ animals, pal?

Get the message?

When you live with auto exhaust you tend to get a little, um, strange.

Where no man has gone before.

The medium is the message.

If this is Friends, where’s the couch?

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

On giving peace a chance.

Words to live by.

In which I get back on my bike and flee the Pod People.

Author: floridavelocipede

A sometime journalist who used to string words together for a living before I retired to run a non-profit cycle touring organization that will henceforth go unnamed, as I have subsequently retired from that career as well. I write a bi-monthly column, theater reviews and an occasional magazine piece for my old newspaper. If I still had a business card it would read: Ron Cunningham: Trained Observer Of The Human Condition. Because like The Donald, you know, ego.

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