You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Just in case we were all thinking.

That the earth’s going to bounce back in 2021.

That everything’s going to be coming up moonlight and lollipops.

That the worst is well and truly behind us.

That this will be, finally, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

That you know who has been consigned to you know where.

That all that remains is to face the music and dance.

That one day we will all look back on this year as the Dark Ages before the Enlightenment.

I feel it only fair to caution you.

That life is full of surprises.

So hang in there people. Take a deep breath.

And remember.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Dorothy Parker was a prophet.

Author: floridavelocipede

A sometime journalist who used to string words together for a living before I retired to run a non-profit cycle touring organization that will henceforth go unnamed, as I have subsequently retired from that career as well. I write a bi-monthly column, theater reviews and an occasional magazine piece for my old newspaper. If I still had a business card it would read: Ron Cunningham: Trained Observer Of The Human Condition. Because like The Donald, you know, ego.

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