Reimagining GNV

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to question priorities.

So if we want to reimagine Gainesville as a more resilient, self-sufficient and – yes – independent city, then how better than to start the conversation in broad terms by framing some relevant questions?

For instance, and in no particular order:

Can GNV become a 15-minute city?

How can GNV achieve food security?

How can we make GNV a more equitable city?

Can we save lives, and enhance our economic vitality at the same time, by making traffic calming by design a GNV norm?

How can we make affordable housing a GNV reality?

How can GNV become a more resilient city?

How can GNV build community?

What is Gainesville’s GNV sense of place? And how can we enhance, protect and nurture what defines our city?

How can GNV become a more self-sufficient city?

What might a GNV Green New Deal look like?

If that sounds like an ambitious list of what-ifs, then so be it. A city’s reach should exceed its grasp or what is incorporation for?

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