1. Gainesville is truly a lovely place and that’s coming from someone who moved here in 2010 from Key West Florida which is considered Paradise but is full of bars and beaches Gainesville is full of museums and the season actually seems to change a little… Gainesville is full of potential… And is not too far from local beaches. It has been the perfect City for me to get myself situated as an adult instead of living the Peter Pan lifestyle. Go Gators

  2. The Good Life is within reach to the average person here in beautiful Gainesville Florida. With a relatively low cost of living, Gainesville puts you within reach of a multitude of nature parks, environmental preserves, an art museum, performing arts center, natural history museum, several play houses, live music venues, sports of every kind, three major hospitals, and two world class institutes of higher education.

    Yes, the Gators are no Yankees. The Philips Center is no Lincoln Center. But – tickets here don’t cost a week of wages, and parking is a lot easier. After all, I’ve met New Yorker’s that live right next to Broadway and have never gone through the (extensive) trouble to get tickets. In Gainesville, the Good Life is within reach….

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