What’s so GNV?

What is it about this town anyway?

What places, experiences, sensations make you stop and say to yourself: That’s so GNV!

Is it getting around town on two-wheels that, um, moves you?

Or meandering in circles when the straight and narrow is simply too boring?

Is it cafe-and-pub crawling on a Friday night?

Or the game day experience and all that it entails?

Or do you prefer your gators sans cleats and pads ala Paynes Prairie?

Listen, there are times when the whole town’s a stage. And the rest of us are just actors full of sound and fury.

And other times when you just want to follow a meandering creek until nature’s true colors come out to dazzle you.

We like to challenge the status quo. It’s a tradition here.

And we like to reflect on the meaning of it all in the most interesting places.

Make no mistake, we are Florida’s Rock City. And we won’t back down.

On the other hand, life in GNV can be a walk in the park.

What is it about this place? Really?

What makes you say “That’s so GNV”?

Let me know, and I’ll pass it on.

Even if it’s life, the universe and everything.

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