So I’ve gotta’ ask…

We’ve got a school board majority that is striking out in a whole new direction. But now there is a question of whether one of our three black-women-majority is, um, legitimate.

So what are we to think about the school board situation?

I’ve gotta ask:

  1. Should the Supervisor of Elections have said, at the outset, that this candidate didn’t live in the district and therefore wasn’t qualified to run?
  2. Since that didn’t happen, is the candidate at fault for winning?
  3. Since every board member is elected countywide, should it really matter that the winner – who was qualified by the SOE to run – doesn’t live in precisely the requisite geographical location?
  4. If the winner is, after the fact, deemed to be the loser by virtue of a GPS error, what is the remedy?
  5. If the remedy turns out to be that our “I-hate-critical race theory” governor gets to replace one of these three black women with a board member who will oppose critical race theory being taught in our public schools…where does that leave the majority of voters who have over two elections selected three black women to challenge the school district status quo?
  6. Is what’s happening in regard to the Alachua County school system right now a case study in how to stamp out critical race theory in our public schools?

Just gotta ask.

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