I of the beholder

Or what would Picasso say?

Big Gator and little bird on Paynes Prairie.

Although I fancy myself a fairly decent stringer-of-words, I have very little artistic talent beyond that.

But I have the Apple photoshop-on-steroids app and the GoArt app. Both of which allow me to, let’s say, bend reality to my own ends. All I’ll say is that I took the original photos below and then let logarithms have their way with them.

Because this is GNV, and we like to bend, staple and even mutilate reality around here.

Tom Petty mural at Sidney Lanier.

But hey, I’m pretty sure Tom Petty did more or less the same thing.

Thomas Center fountain.

This is where time, not to mention water, seems to slow down.

The Hipp.

And if all the world’s a stage, I’m the clown sitting in the fourth row left-of-center.

The dog mural on North Main St.

Listen, if you ever get the eerie suspicion that your pets are spying on you, you’re probably not wrong.

Perriman’s Grocery at the Cotton Club.

Ghost grocery store, because even Casper needs to shop.

Mt. Pleasant Church.

Get thee to church! This one’s cool.

Downtown library.

Bless whoever decided that what downtown really needed was a
Spanish motif library.

The big gator of Grove Street.

It’s a quirky neighborhood in a quirky town that has a quirky thing about gators.

The DNA bridge.

I don’t think you’re in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

The Harn.

When you are looking for signs of intelligent life in Gator Town.

The Cade.

And when you just want to let your imagination run wild.

Hey, all reality is relative.

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