Mystery solved

Finally we know whose been pulling all the strings around here. This thanks to Gabe Kaimowitz upon launching his latest campaign for City Commission.

“I’m running for office to break the control of the city by Gatehouse Media, Gannett, the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee, Lauren Poe, Gainesville for All, Florida Blue Key and the Jim Crow, white-supremacists who control our city,” he told the Gainesville Sun.

At least he’s cleared the names of “usual suspects” like Sister Hazel, Mudcrutch, the Gainesville Marijuana Dealers Association, Gatorman, The Masons. the Gainesville Garden Club, The Weeds of Eden, the Gainesville Eight, Al and Alberta, that guy who used to dance on street corners in jogging shorts, the Wednesday Wise Guys, the Chamber….

Hey, wait a minute!

And what am I, Gabe? Chopped liver?

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