Oh the things I saw

Jill and I are visiting my daughter in Bethesda this weekend. I managed to duck out of a day of shopping by the sly expediency of renting a bike.

And oh, the things I saw on two wheels…..

I am not normally given to paranoia. But cycling the National Mall I had the distinct feeling I was being watched. And, after all, we do live in a surveillance society.

I saw a building that was literally coming apart at the seams. And I thought, Damned, there must be a whole lot of shakin’ going on in Bethesda.

I saw that somebody had locked up the historic C&O Canal. No doubt to keep the likes of me out.

I saw this young lady where an informational sign used to be on the Capital Crescent Trail. Don’t know who she is but I liked her immediately.

I looked into the window of an Apple Store and discovered that it was looking back at me.

I passed an Amazon Book Store and discovered that they had recreated the Choose Poorly/Choose Wisely cup scene from Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.

I saw that Bethesda offers free bus service for people who want to spend a lot of money downtown. I yelled “Get a bike why doncha!”

I took the Path Not Taken and that has made all the difference. (With apologies to that Bob Frost fella.)

I discovered that Bethesda was founded by pioneer moms in covered wagons. Who knew?

I saw that there are tent cities popping up all over the nation’s capital. And I wondered what’s happening to America.

Still can’t shake the eerie feeling that I’m being watched.

Saw this but the less said about it the better.

I discovered that the “gommint” is best viewed from a safe distance off.

OK, I’m definitely being watched!

I found a memorial to people lost at sea. And discovered that I could relate.

I discovered, and not for the first time, that on a bike is the best way to escape the darkness and race into the light.

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