On the trail

It’s an eight and a half hour drive from GNV to Buddy’s cabin in Brevard, NC. And what we find waiting for us there is always worth the trek.

We have been gathering together in Buddy’s cabin for more years than we care to remember. It is a fine jumping off place from which to hit the trail.

And in which to reflect on the trail yet to be taken.

On a rainy Thursday we played Trivial Pursuit (Genius Edition) to bide our time and remind us of how much we have collectively forgotten since our salad days.

Friday morning we had maybe a three hour window before the next front closed in. So we hastened to the nearest trail, in the DuPont State Forest.

There to reflect on life, the universe….and our failing knees.

Some of us have been hiking together for years. Through forests and canyons and over mountains near and far.

And we lost a friend somewhere along the way.

But we remain thankful for the friends who are together still.

Because the trail goes on forever.

And forever.

On Saturday morning we ventured deep into the Pisgah National Forest.

To Graveyard Fields, a favorite hike.

Graveyard Fields being as hard put upon as we have been.

So it was a perfect hike on which to pretend that we are all still the men we used to be.

All evidence to the contrary.

Still we remain unbowed and unbeaten. And perhaps just a little nearsighted.

Oh yeah, and we saw another waterfall. That is all.

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