The will of the unwillful

Let’s go Chuck!

Rep. Clemons wants us voters to decide if we wish to restructure the county commission so as to:

a, create more jobs for politicians,

b, dole out a boatload more money for said politicians and,

c, let suburban and rural voters “own the libs.”

Not being a cynic, I refrain from speculating that Clemons covets a cozy new county commission seat (and a comfortable $82,930 a year parachute) for himself after he’s term-limited out of the Legislature.

Listen, Chuck’ has an honest face and I think we need to take him at his smirk.

No, Clemons is simply curious to know if we voters secretly want to expand the commission from five to seven seats while depriving ourselves of the ability to personally vote out of office every one of the rascals who exert such power over our lives, liberty and pocketbooks.

Sure, we’ve talked about at-large vs single-member districts for years, but we’ve never actually done it.

That doesn’t mean we don’t want to. We’re just shy that way.

“Frankly, I don’t know (what) the will of the people is in Alachua County,” Clemons admits.

I know what you mean, Chuck. It’s been my experience that we local yokels don’t really know what we’re for. We just know what we’re against.

No, my problem with Chuck “I don’t know the will of the people” Clemons is that he doesn’t go nearly far enough. There’s going to be lots of room on next year’s ballot, so let’s really explore the breadth, depth and bottomless pit of our collective will.

Let us voters decide:

Is it “Orange! Orange! Orange!”? Or is it “Blue! Blue! Blue!”?

Gainesville is such a stupid name. Trumpsville has a beat and you can dance to it.

GNV libs look just like normal people when you see ‘em on the street. Let’s vote to make them all wear “Brandon” name tags.

About that Law of Gravity: How about we vote for our personal freedom to rise above it all?

Everybody knows the Democratic Executive Committee is the Trilateral Commission of Gainesville. Let’s outlaw it.

Anybody seen former County Commissioner Hutch since he left office? For God’s sake can we please vote to make him get a haircut?

Abolish the City of Gainesville, Chuck. You know you want to. You can almost taste it.

Let’s go Bren…um…I mean Chuck. There are scores to settle and progressive “values” to crush into the dirt. Now is not the time for half-measures.

Next thing you know you’ll be out of the Legislature and back on the county commission, whining about home rule and fattening your state pension benefits.

Better strike now while your MAGA iron is burning a hole in your pocket.

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