One night in Depot Park

It was a night to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

We began to gather together before sunset. Waiting.

It was as though there was magic in the very air around us.

And the sun slowly sank and shadows began to deepen.

And there was music and swirling colors on the hill.

And soon children were dancing with their own shadows.

As twilight faded.

And the time was right.

And the heavens exploded!

It was glorious!

As though the stars themselves were falling out of the sky.

And the water beneath our feet reflected the chaos above.

And children gasped in delight.

We all did.

It was hypnotic.

Who wouldn’t smile on a night like this?

And it went on until the very park itself was enveloped in cordite-scented fog. Then we all began to drift away. To get on with the night. With the rest of our lives.

Or perhaps to just dance with our own shadow!

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