Road angels, honey and puckering palominos

Today we did 30 miles on two of the sweetest trails in Florida. The Withlacoochee and Good Neighbor trails, from Inverness to Brooksville.

And when I say “we” I mean of course Bob, Walt and Tom. It was my turn to sag (drive the van and pull the trailer.) Still I got about 16 miles in on the GNT while waiting for the guys to show up in Brooksville.

The point is if you ever get the chance to ride either of these trails, better grab it. The views are mostly rural, through tall piney woods and along back country roads.

Getting ready to jump off in Inverness. I’m just gonna say this: you can’t get decent help anymore.

Inverness is an amazing trail town with lots of users on all manner of self-propelled contraptions.

They think they are soooo cool just because they are riding and I’m not.

Took me forever to get them to finally leave. Can’t blame them. Did I mention that Inverness is a very cool town?

They built their trail on the shore of Lake Henderson.

This is The Depot. Not sure what it’s for but it’s impressive as hell.

Just down the road a piece is Floral City. I know what you’re thinking: OMG it’s the original cast of Easy Rider assembled for a reunion. Not exactly.

Neither were they part of Brando’s wild ones. But they can dream.

Seriously, I didn’t get to ride much today, but I can attest to the fact that the two trails are gorgeous.

Some of the things we saw along the way. Including Tom’s encounter with the giant pink chicken.

BTW: I’ve never seen this on a trail before. But Hernando County put these stickers on the trail so if a rider gets into trouble and calls 911, they will know exactly where said rider is.

I had mixed feelings about it. Yes, it’s a good system for quick response. But they posted them about every hundred yards so you are never out of sight of one. I dunno, but I wonder if they aren’t subliminally suggesting that this trail is not a safe place to be.

And they call it puppy love. Get a room why doncha?

Had to take this photo where the Good Neighbor Trail comes out of the woods and encounters the first road. It looked to me like FDOT thoughtfully provided the locals with a great place to do wheelies.

All good things must end. And the Good Neighbor Trail ends (or rather begins depending on which way you’re headed) at the Brooksville Train Depot Museum.

Listen, we’re no angels. But we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express in Brooksville.

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