City of murals

We interrupt this ongoing blog about the perils and prevails of four aging GNV cyclists struggling to complete our five day Great Florida Coast To Coast Trail Ride for this important message.

What do you know about St. Petersburg?

No, wrong. It’s not a sleepy city where retirees go to spend their remaining golden years. Not anymore.

It is, in fact, a bustling, vibrant, metropolis that attracts old and young people alike. It is a city of business, a city of the arts, a city under the sparkling sun that sits on the edge of a glittering blue bay.

Oh, and it is a city of murals.

Listen, we old GNV guys were only there for a little over a day, on the tail end of our cross-state bicycle tour (more about that in the next blog). But in that short time I came to appreciate St. Pete’s reputation as Florida’s premier city of the arts. And, in particular, Florida’s city of murals.

Let me show you just a taste of what I saw on just that short stay.

And that’s not close to the half of it. There’s lots more. You could spend a long weekend wandering through downtown St. Pete alone and still not see all of the street art there is to be seen. It is a muralist’s wonderland.

Do yourself a favor. The next time you are in the mood for a weekend away from it all, book yourself a hotel in St. Pete. And then Google St. Petersburg mural tours. You won’t regret it.

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