Inside SFC Downtown

In April I posted a photo-essay blog that took an outside look at Gainesville’s newest landmark, Santa Fe College’s downtown center. A couple of months later I finally had the opportunity to tour the inside of this most impressive edifice. Here’s my inside out perspective.

First observation: To walk through the new SFC building is to experience an adventure in both architecture and art. Both have the potential to take your breath away at the most unexpected junctures.

Yes, the building is mostly empty and will remain so until this coming fall, when students return to GNV like swallows flocking back to Capistrano. All of those empty seats, desks and lab spaces had an eerie, almost haunting feel to them.

Still, without many bodies to distract, you can quickly get caught up in the stark beauty and subtle surprises of the spaces themselves.

Eventually you find yourself wandering amidst lines and shadows and reflections until you begin to lose any sense of who/where you are.

Then you simply have to sit down and collect yourself.

Don’t look up. Um, down. Oh go ahead. Vertigo is highly overrated.

Did you just go up the down staircase? Or down the up staircase?

But enough introspection. Thanks to a $5 million art collection donated by Hector Puig, what’s on the walls alone constitutes a rich feast for the eyes.

Take a dip. Make a clean sweep.

Feed a snake. Float your boat.

Marvelous works by the late, great Lenny Kessel.

And the late, great Jerry Uelsmann.

Words fail me.

Work out at Depot Park. Kiss a clown.

Who let the dog out?

Seriously, before the place fills up with students, professors and staff, treat yourself to a quiet stroll through SFC’s marvelous contribution to GNV cultural, architectural and educational life.

You won’t regret it. Whether you are on the outside looking in, or the inside looking out, it is something to see.

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