Scenes from GNV street life

I love this city.

It’s an easy city to get around in. As I cycle about GNV I find myself compulsively taking photos of what’s going on around me. Here’s a compilation of scenes from a city that loves its street life.

We are a city that knows its way around, micro-mobility wise.

Which is not to say that we’ve banned cars or anything. We just like to keep them in their place.

Say what you want about this town. But we do love a good parade!

And fireworks when we can get them.

I saw this kid dancing with his shadow at Depot Park on New Year’s Eve. And I thought: How GNV is that?

Listen, I can’t stay awake late enough to capture downtown street life in all its glory. So this is what you get.

Sometimes you’re not sure if you are looking at this city from the inside out….

…or from the outside in.

Cafe society.

Leonardo’s 706 used to be part of GNV street life. But no more.

Ditto Emiliano’s. Legends come and go in GNV.

But Loosey’s is still a happening place.

And if you’re looking for street life GNV style, just step outside and see what’s happening on SW 1st Ave.

Listen, we know all about the art of messaging in GNV.

By all means, let the Big Gator growl.

Call it bragging rights.

Old GNV (the Segal building) reflected in new GNV (Santa Fe College downtown).

Oh yeah, and that guy! He used to tool around GNV streets on his motor scooter. Without a helmet. Probably be a U.S. Senator some day. Without a helmet.

Just hope the Shriners don’t get wind of this.

Yeah, we got our mean streets too. Wanna make somethin of it pal!

Didn’t think so.

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