Strangers in a strange land

We have embarked on a multi-week, multi-state, multi-country sojourn to who knows where? Today was a fairly grueling interstate trek from GNV to Charlotte, N.C.

But just to get off the beaten path we decided to stop in Columbia (home of that university that keeps hiring ex-Gator coaches). Not to visit the stadium, but just to find a decent place to relax and have a picnic.

Which is how we ended up at….

We found Riverwalk Park, on the Congaree River. A very shallow tributary which is apparently a very popular tubing destination.

There is a miles-long riverside greenway and a bridge that they apparently built after they found out out that burning the original bridge wouldn’t stop Sherman’s march. Who knew?

This bridge looks fairly substantial though. And Sherman is long dead so…

There was a very cool arbor-type structure that is, apparently, open to both dogs and golf carts.

And the park has its own heavy metal band.

Metalhead and his entourage. Got a beat and you can dance to it.

Anyway, it was a nice place to spend a 45-minute layover after hours and hours of interstate driving. And who knows where tomorrow will take us?

Not Gen. Sherman.

Not invading Yankees.

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