War, rust and fish ladders

On day two of our multi-week, multi-state, multi- country tour we searched out a place for lunch that didn’t have golden arches. On the edge of Lexington, Va., abutting the Virginia Military Institute and on the banks of the Maury River we stumbled upon Jordan’s Point Park where we partook of an open air picnic.

They burned a bridge there to keep the Yankees from advancing. But I don’t think it worked.

Apparently this used to be a bustling center of commerce. But then somebody invented electricity and rust set in.

They had fish ladders there as well. But apparently that didn’t work out either.

There are still spare parts laying around.

It is the home of VMI. Also, a very brightly decorated little free library. So take your pick.

And somebody said something very pithy/profound once. So they carved it on a rock. How cool is that.

And the world moved on. So did we.

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