What I saw in Lancaster

Long story short. I was born in Lancaster, Pa. We moved to Florida when I was 7. Just made a quick stop in my old hometown on my way to somewhere else (Canada). And here’s what I saw.

OK, like I said I was just seven when I left. But I sort of remember the bones of the city of my birth. So I just sort of rambled around to see what I could see.

I saw an actual park piano at Musser’s Park. Haven’t seen that before. Some guy even wandered by and played a few bars on the old ivories. How cool and random was that?

I saw a painted guy painting a coffee cup in the window of a painting place.

And apparently somebody in Lancaster is paying attention to the News Of The Day.

Unlike GNV, Lancaster hasn’t taken down its Civil War monument.

Because, you know, they won and therefore have bragging rights.

They seem to have an uncommon respect for the printed word hereabouts. How quaint is that?

This may be the Tomb Of The Unknown Newspaper Reader. Plus a plaque to a press baron.

But let’s face it. This is what Lancaster is really famous for.

Let’s just call this a clash of cultures and let it go at that.

Random things you never knew about Lancaster.

Three centuries and still selling pretzels and scrapple.

Little known fact. This is one of the earliest American examples of the use of aluminum siding to construct faux historical buildings.

However the slabs of beef being sold inside are not faux.

This guy is dazed and confused. And really, who could blame him.

I got nothing.

I dare you to watch this for more than ten minutes and not need a bathroom.

Signs of the times.

One last thing. Lascaster’s most famous resident was James Buchanan, widely known as the Worst President Ever. GNV’s most famous native son was Tom Petty, widely known as not the worst rock star ever.

We win.

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