Somewhere is a lake

We first came to this intimate little lake tucked into the hill and farm country just south of Perth, Ontario, in the summer of 2019. Gainesville’s grinding heat and humidity seemed a thousand miles and an eternity behind us. And the rustic cabin on the eastern shore was ours for five weeks.

Roman approved. Biting the water was his chief passion in life, and Otty Lake offered up more wind-and-wake-induced waves than he could bite in a thousand dogs lifetimes.

Anyone who has ever spent time on a lake understands that the rhythm of life on the wooded edge of blue water has a profound, even life-changing impact.

There is, simply, nothing to compare…those long, lazy days of summer blended into one another.

And we soon discovered that being on the eastern shore was a gift that never stopped giving. The sunsets alone were worth toasting. And so we did. Frequently.

That following December, just for grins, we flew into Ottawa and drove south to Otty. To trudge through the snow where we had so often strolled in sunlight was to experience nature in stark contrast.

And to stand on that dock from which we had so often plunged into warm water, to feel the bitter cold wind and experience a lake still awaiting its first coating of winter ice, was to understand the cyclical nature of life, the universe and everything.

Then Covid happened, and Otty Lake began to seem like some sort of fantasy land. One we had dreamed of but…had we really ever been there?

Three years later we finally returned to discover the rhythms of lake life still as seductive as ever was. Once more we immersed ourselves in long, lazy days of lapping water, startling sunsets and seemingly endless enchantment.

Roman was home again. Older, more white faced than before. But still a ferocious biter of water.

The lake itself was our washing machine and the golden rays of the sun our dryer.

With Roman ever on guard against trained killers, we were free to savor lake life without worry.

This lake of ever changing moods.

This liquid pallet of infinite shades and colors.

This Otty Lake.

This lake of dreams.

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