Three guys and three falls

We’re just three guys with something like 210-plus years of hard-won experience between us. We may not be kids anymore but we can still get up the odd mountain.

So today Buddy Irby, Walt Barry and I drove into North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest, turned right onto Avery’s Creek Road, motored past the horse stables and parked at the Buckhorn Trailhead. From there it was a mere five mile round trip to Twin Falls.

The hike wasn’t all that tough on this clear, balmy day.

But we did have to cross a very cold, rushing creek about 16 times up and back.

A piece of cake really. Just don’t look up, pal.

Twin falls was worth the hike.

And I promised Buddy and Walt I’d get them back to the car safely. (Although I also told Walt that if he didn’t make it off the trail, I was gonna take his REI hiking boots back with me.)

But it turned out that Twin Falls wasn’t even the most impressive display of water-doing-its-own-thing-with-gravity we would see on this day. It turned out that there was another waterfall just a 20-minute hike away from Buddy’s cabin. (So tell me why we just hiked for two-and-a-half-stinkin-hours, Buddy?)

It’s a little visited waterfall because the folks who live nearby like it that way. So it was a privilege to be able to see it.

It’s a series of cascades topped by a torrent fueled by a lot of recent rain.

You could walk behind it and view the world through a liquid curtain.

Really quite inspiring.

So glad I got a chance to see it.

And capture a few images to take home with me.

Water is relentless.

Because the sheer weight of water is an awesome force of nature.

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