I’m officially impressed

Who wouldn’t be?

Just walking into the newly opened downtown Hyatt Place is a real…well…eye opener.

The two story mural, “Melody and Harmony” that conducts you from street level to lobby is stunning.

From top to bottom.

Listen, I used to fancy myself the most creative person on my street in Forest Ridge. But that was before Seck 37 and Carrie Martinez (aka Visionary FAM) moved in across the street.

I knew about them even before they moved in. How could I not? They have murals all over town.

Those dogs in sunglasses.

Gators and goddesses.

GNV love, Tom Petty amid the wild flowers and assorted others.

Not to mention life, the universe and everything.

Still, their contribution to the new Hyatt Place may be their best GNV work yet.

I am officially jealous, and I may have to move.

Thanks a lot, VF.

Say, maybe I’ll move into the downtown Hyatt Place. I hear the art there is spectacular.

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