Gov. Ron laughs last

I do because I can.

To recap:

According to UF’s own news service (mouthpiece) the university’s presidential search “included outreach to more than 700 leaders within and outside of higher education.”

Before ultimately focusing “attention on a dozen highly qualified diverse candidates.”

Who were they? We are prohibited by law from knowing that.

All we are allowed to know is that Ben Sasse “was the unanimous choice of the UF Search Committee.”

Imagine that. Out of 700 possibles and a dozen highly qualified diverse candidates, a white, male, Republican junior US Senator from Nebraska was, by unanimous consent, the only suitable choice.

It’s a secret!

Still, I gotta ask.

How hard would it have been for the committee to trot out a couple of other candidates? If only for face-saving purposes.

I mean, if white, male Republican Sasse was picked out to be the guy all along, the Board of Trustees would have hired him in the end anyway.

Instead Sasse showed up on campus for his first face-to-face…and ended up having to flee the scene in a police car because of all the students waving signs in his face.

Now let me answer my own question: They didn’t go through the farce of presenting three candidates for public showing because…

…they didn’t have to.

They didn’t have to because one of the advantages of having absolute power is that you get to exercise it without having to worry about what anybody else thinks.

Ron DeSantis has reserved unto himself more absolute power than any governor in the history of Florida.

Make no mistake. They may still call it the University of Florida. But for all practical purposes it is now the University of DeSantis.

The UF Board of Trustees are on Team DeSantis. The people who pretend to lead in Tigert Hall are Team DeSantis staffers.

And Team DeSantis has a game plan.

Stifle academic freedom. Dictate what and how faculty may teach. Make a joke of accreditation. Protect snowflake students from hearing anything that may make them feel uncomfortable or guilty about themselves.

Oh, and stamp out “wokeness.” Whatever the hell that is.

Plus, do whatever is in the university’s power to help DeSantis make it to the White House.

Team DeSantis laughs.

Listen, the joke is on us. They have turned a great American public university into a promotional vehicle for the advancement of a single ambitious, unscrupulous politician.

Because they can.

And make no mistake: To go “all the way,” DeSantis must out-maneuver the Trumpists who have turned the Republican Party into the party of anger, disunity and white privilege.

And how better to out-Trump Trump than put a white, male, Republican US Senator who voted against Trump in control of Florida’s most prestigious public university?

Gators! If you think UF’s biggest problem is football, you are truly missing the joke.

Don’t kid yourself. When you walk into the voting booth on Nov. 8, understand that a vote for Ron DeSantis is a vote for absolute power on an unprecedented scale.

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