Trust them once, shame on us

How stupid does Chuck Clemons and his GOP shadow commandos think we are?

They must think we’re stupid. Because our trusty state representative and the dark money tricksters backing him up expect us to believe that if we Alachua County voters surrender our ability to vote for all five county commissioners….

…in exchange for gaining the right to vote for just one county commissioner…

….we will be more “free” than we are now.

And we know that Chuck Clemons wants us to be free. Because he says he wants to “defend our freedom” right there on his re-election campaign website.

(BTW: I just want to go on record right now and say that the fact that Clemons will inevitably be term limited out of his current job, and that he might possibly wish to carve himself out a nice county commission district in which to while away his golden years, is entirely speculative and totally unworthy of mention.)

(Although, come to think of it, one of the benefits of single-member districts is that they lend themselves to exactly the sort of gerrymandering that made it possible for a conservative Republican politician like you know who to get elected in a heavily Democratic county like you know where.)

(But I won’t so speculate. Because that would be wrong.)

I’ll just stick to the facts and say that Clemons and the GOP’s agent provocateurs are playing us all for fools.

Listen, if you are trying to convince people that they will be more free by surrendering their power to vote all “the rascals” out, you must necessarily resort to, um, unorthodox methods to get your point across.

(Think Nixon era dirty trickster Donald Segretti, who affectionately referred to his own noxious tactics as “Ratf##king.)

For instance, you’ll need to send out text messages which give the impression that the Democratic Party backs the single-member district referendum. False.

And then you must follow that up with mailers giving gullible voters the impression that African-American organizations and respected leaders support the referendum. Also false.

And pass out brochures like these in east Gainesville to fool African Americans into thinking the NAACP backs this initiative.

But never mind that all that.

The important thing Chuck and his GOP shape-shifting affiliates want us to believe is that we voters can never hope to be “free” if we do not surrender our ability to vote for four out of five county commissioners.

Ah freedom! It’s a mind-altering substance indeed.

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