In which we go to the falls in the fall before the fall

Tis the last day of the Shining Rock Orienteering Society’s North Carolina fall sojourn.

The SROS being being an affiliation of Gainesville flatlanders in hot pursuit of our lost youth.

It’s Saturday so we wanted to be back at Buddy’s cabin in time for the Florida-Georgia game.

Which, when you think about it, is the very definition of a fool’s errand.

So a morning trek to the DuPont State Forest seemed just the thing.

And listen, you can’t not be impressed with DuPont’s waterfalls.

The relentless weight of water brooks no interference.

Mere granite doesn’t stand a chance.

Rather like the Gators, come to think of it.

But never mind that. This has been our annual SROS retreat to the high country. And it’s been a glorious week.

Even though we ended this perfect week watching Georgia come down on Florida like the weight of water.

Long story short. We went to the falls in the fall before the fall. That is all.

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