Inside Fortress Emerson

Safe at last! Safe at last!

First the good news: Albert and Alberta were marked safe from antifa. This thanks mainly to the hundreds of metal barriers that encircled Emerson Hall and a heavy police presence.

Plus the fact that not very many protestors showed up. (Listen, even antifa has classes.)

Oh yeah. And inside Fortress Emerson the Official University of Florida Committee to Elect Ron DeSantis President did exactly what it was instructed to do.

It selected DeSantis hand puppet and Nebraska politician Ben Sasse as the next President of the University of…um…DeSantis.

Performing their sworn duty to Ron even as the howling mob outside threatened their very lives and limbs.

It was touch and go for a while. But Ron prevailed. Which goal has become Priority #1 at the university formerly known as Florida.

Safe at last! Safe at last!

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