GNV marches to a different drummer

First, a little history lesson.

Hey GNV! Did you know that Gainesville was the only city in Florida to vote for George McGovern over Richard Nixon?

Yes we did!

That’s because GNV has always marched to a different drummer than the rest of this politically godforsaken peninsula.

We’re a university city and proud of our progressive values.

Which is not to say we haven’t paid a price for our values.

It is the reason our to-the-right-of-Attila-The-Hun Legislature has sliced and diced up our city so as to saddle us with We-Hate-GNV suburban politicians like Keith, Chuckles and Kat.

It is one reason our governor (i.e. the anti-Ron) has gone out of his way to, um, “pacify” the University of Florida and turn it into a promotional vehicle for his presidential ambitions.

But here’s the thing.

Anti-Ron might be able to compromise our university. But he can’t compromise our values.

Because we think. Therefore we vote our convictions and our values.

And Keith and Chuckles, the GOP’s suburban straight men, may keep trying to fool us into, oh, giving up our control of GRU, or surrendering our ability to vote for all of our county commissioners….

…but that doesn’t mean we’re stupid enough to fall for their con jobs.

Listen! This is our moment, GNV.

It’s time to VOTE!

VOTE like your values are under attack. Because they are.

VOTE like you live in the Independent City of Gainesville.

VOTE because you think. Therefore you are.

I’m Ron Cunningham (i.e. not the Anti-Ron). And I approve of this message.

No, seriously! I really do approve of this message.

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