Final deep thoughts before the train wreck we’ll call the 2022 midterms

Being an optimist by nature, I like to look on the bright side. Listen, if Gov. Anti-Ron were still a Trumpette, we coulda had The Pillow Guy in Tigert Hall.

Speaking of which, I hear that student government leaders want to impeach Student Body President Lauren Lemasters for making the trustees vote to confirm Ben Sasse unanimous.

I’d be careful there. That’s just the excuse the Anti-Ron needs to suspend the student senate and replace it with Hillsdale College transfers.

Oh, and one more thing about UF.

They hired and bought out three coaches, snagged yet another one, raised God knows how much nil money and spent $84 million for a Kubla Khan-style pleasure dome for the football team.

The Gators are still losing!

OMG! Can we please throw another $100 million at the football program before the FSU game?

Today I was reading Geeks are Sexy, my favorite cartoon feature on Facebook. And I kept getting bombarded with pop-up Kat Cammack ads. The last one completely blotted out the ‘toon I was trying to read.

Listen, I don’t want to hear any more Republican holier-than-thou crap about cancel culture.

So I checked with Rumor Control and it turns out that there is absolutely no truth to that thing going around about Stafford Jones being the seventh son of the seventh son of Lee Atwater’s guitar tuner.

BTW, has anybody heard from Chuckles. Stafford wants his hand puppet back.

Listen, how cool would it be if the mayor’s race ends in a tie vote and we had a greased pig wrestle-off to decide the winner?

Just sayin……

No kidding….anybody seen Chuckles?

On Friday’s Nathan Crabbe, who succeeded me as editorial page editor after my retirement from The Sun, announced his resignation.

“Thanks to everyone who has contributed guest columns and letters to the editor over the years, but my departure means that Sunday is the last day they’ll be published,” Nathan posted on Facebook.

I’ve got absolutely nothing funny to say about that. It is no laughing matter.

In fact, the very idea of The Gainesville Sun without opinions is a crying shame.

Opinion content was a staple in the Reconstruction Era Gainesville Times, in the late 19th century Gainesville Bee and in the
modern” Sun since its debut in the dawn of the 20th century.

I can’t believe Gannet really intends to stop publishing letters and columns in The Sun. Back in my day we proudly called it “The Voice Of The People.”

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