Rhapsody in gray

On my way to breakfast with the guys early Saturday morning I was cycling through campus. But than I saw something that absolutely compelled me to stop, gape….and then capture images of the moment.

The whole of Gainesville was enveloped in a soft, nebulous fog that seemed to bleach the color out of everything.

But Lake Alice in particular seemed a veritable fairy land, its natural definitions fading off into the mist.

Very shortly the campus would be alive with tailgaters arriving to cheer on Florida or South Carolina. But for the moment, the madding crowds seemed distant indeed.

As though the mist itself was trying to hold back the tumult that would soon shatter the serenity of the morning.

Getting back on my bike, I continued on my way. And then had to stop once again. A bonus!

Spider webs had taken up occupancy between the slats of a black iron fence overlooking the Harn. And the morning dew had turned the webs into delicate strings of pearls.

Is this a great town or what?

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