What I saw on my Thanksgiving ramble around GNV

On a cool, gray Thanksgiving morning I mounted my bicycle in order to take stock of GNV as we approach the end of 2022.

And I am once again reminded that we are privileged to live in this glittering island of blue amid the turbulent sea of red that is Flori-duh.

I was thankful that we are a city of colorful murals, and that they enrich our lives.

And it occurred to me that not everybody is content to wait until dinner time before partaking of a Thanksgiving feast.

Riding through the Duck Pond I came upon this gathering of neighbors for an early Thanksgiving celebration in the park. We are nothing if not a community.

There was time on my ride to ponder some of life’s imponderables. Where indeed?

Pausing at the Thomas Center it occurred to me that in every life there is a time to “lay your burdens down, boy, lay your burdens down.” Even the mighty oaks know when to stand at rest.

Swinging through downtown I decided that the kids are alright.

And that life can be a glittering ball of color and light if only you take the time to savor it.

Stopping at Starbucks for a cup of tea, I was disturbed to see some of those damned scooters cluttering up the sidewalk. So annoying!

Honestly, I can’t think of another single object that so degrades the urban landscape.

In which I stumble upon signs of our times.

And still more signs of our times. (Don’t mind the mannequin. Mannequins never get a day off, not even on Thanksgiving.)

At Depot Park I was moved to wonder: If ducks and turtles can peacefully coexist, why can’t we?

I spotted this ghost bike on University Avenue. A grim reminder that not all weapons of mass destruction come with a trigger.

Creeks run through us. And that surely is cause for giving thanks.

I second that motion. Mind the gap please.

In which I resolved not to give up. At least not until tomorrow night when Florida meets its Waterloo…um, the ‘Nols.

Your moment of Thanksgiving Zen.

I love this town!

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