Is it me or is it art?

Listen, I’m not an artist, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. If you handed me a canvas and a stick of charcoal and then held a gun to my head and ordered me to create….I’d might just be able to scrawl “Goodbye world!”

So occasionally, as a professional blogger who desperately wants my readers to think I’m cutting-edge, I employ one of those photo-to-art apps to make me look a lot more, um, artistic then I can ever hope to be.

Lately, I’ve been using Graphite Sketch Art, which I can highly recommend because it gives you a lot of different ways to look tres creative without actually being so…plus it’s cheap.

The other day I was riding my favorite section of the Palatka-Lake Butler Trail – the section that runs from Florahome to Keystone Heights. It’s my favorite section because it runs past awesome lakes and wetlands.

So I took the above photo and then ran it through Graphite.

And it came out like this. Andy Warhol take a seat.

Then I took a photo of a creek running through it. And I much preferred the Graphite version.

So I was on a roll. I called this photo “Reflections on a lake.”

And Graphite called it “Anything you can do I can do better.”

Anybody ever noticed the cheesy biker bar at the intersection of SRs 26 and 100? The one with the “Elect Trump” sign on the side. The photo on top is how it looks to a Republican. The one below is how it might look to a normal person.

I took this photo of a sprawling oak at Evergreen Cemetery. My friend Louis Kalivoda is buried at the base of the oak.

Same oak. Graphite treatment.

Seriously, you can hardly tell the difference between the real me and the Graphite me.

So how can you even know that this is the real me? It could be the Graphite me.

For that matter, how can I even know that this is the real me or the Graphite me?

Oh the humanity.

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