Berlin when it sparkles

Long story short: Nine hour plane ride from Orlando to Frankfurt. Three hours of tedium getting through security. Arrived in Berlin in a dense fog with temps at zero degree Celsius, which I am reliably informed means about 32 degrees in American temps (but don’t quote me).

Long taxi ride to the hotel. Cold. Tired. Miserable.

And then something magical happened. It got dark and Berlin broke out all in sparkles.

There’s nothing like city lights and brittle air to cut through 24 hours of travel fatigue.

The first thing I noticed is that Berlin has bought into micro-mobility in a big way. Yeah, the city’s awash in cars, but somehow there seems to be an atmosphere of peaceful mobility coexistence.

Everybody loves Berlin.

Not sure why but they have a zoo that stole the decor from Hollywood’s old Gruman’s Chinese Theater. Plus, there are pandas, I am reliably informed.

They have a bizarre sense of humor these Berliners.

Plus they shop like it’s 1999.

So it finally got so cold walking around that we ducked into the Europa Mall for a thaw out and a not-so-quick glass of wine. Turns out Berlin sparkles both inside and out.

It’s all very seductive, really.

By turns sublime and bizarre.

So I ran across this statue of Alexander Von Humboldt, one of my all time favorite explorer heroes. Plus I took this photo of a salt and pepper shaker. So there’s that.

Words fail me.

You just hadda been there.

That night when Berlin sparkled like a diamond in ice.

Can’t wait to see what I’ll do tomorrow. In the cold light of day.

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