Rumors of snow

Long story short. Left Berlin.

Somebody told us in Berlin that it hardly ever snows anymore because of climate change. But Berliners are notoriously skeptical about life, the universe and everything.

We coulda asked our bus driver for a second opinion, but he seemed preoccupied with the driving snow we were driving through.

By the time we got to Dresden guys carrying guitars on their bikes were having a hard slog of it.

On the plus side, we noticed that the freshly fallen snow had given a rather mellow look to all the graffiti.

One might imagine a manger scene nestled under the antifa sign.

Soon we arrived at Prague, which I am given to understand is a rather, um, medieval kind of a place. The desk guy at our hotel told us it hardly ever snows here.

So I took the opportunity to sell him some Florida swamp land. Told him it was beachfront property.

From the top of a tower we noticed a steady stream of people heading across the Charles Bridge. Was it the Snowpocolypse? Or were they just headed for bars on the other side of the river?

On the off chance it was the latter, we followed. And we discovered that a divine hand had left a message for Putin.

It was simply all too much for Floridians who had heretofore heard only rumors of this thing called snow. So we retired to a place of contemplation..there to contemplate, life, the universe and everything.

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