Stranger in a strange land

Our story so far: We arrived in Prague on a cold and snowy Monday night. And we sought refuge in the most logical place imaginable.

An Irish pub. But I digress.

The city of Prague is on the left. The miniature figures on the right have been added to give the city a sense of scale. But never mind that.

We woke to the first sunny day we’d had since arriving in Europe five days ago. On the other hand, it was 25 degrees F outside.

Oh, and we went to the John Lennon Energy Wall, which had the virtue of being only a few blocks from our hotel.

Funny thing. I thought that John Lennon looked a bit like John B. Sebastian. But that was just me.

Still, being made of sterner stuff, we resolved to make the hike up the snow-packed Petrine hill to the fortifications at its summit. I imagine it’s commanding heights kept the city safe for quite some time. Until somebody figured out how to make tanks and airplanes and stuff. But I digress.

The point being that, having reached the top, I resolved to climb the Petrine Tower. Which was apparently originally constructed to be a modest ripoff of the better known Eiffel Tower. It was 208 foot, 299-step trek.

Having reached the top I briefly considered using my dominant position to declare dominion over all that I surveyed. But by that point I was gasping for breath and so opted for photo-taking over conquest.

Plus I broke into a spontaneous rendition of “Winchester Cathedral,” although I cannot say why.

I thought about maybe just declaring my dominion over the small, modest chapel at the base of the tower. But by the time I got down I could barely lift my feet, let alone a broadsword.

So instead we went to a restaurant located below a monestary. They said the restaurant was the site of an ancient wine cellar. But when I asked for MD 20/20 or Ripple, all I got was blank stares. So I doubt their claims.

Anyway, it was time to walk back down. This after drinking two glasses of wine, neither of which was MD 20/20 or Ripple.

Along the way I passed some Prague oddities. Including refugees from Ghepetto’s workshop, an authentic Czech Eskimo and a one-time oubliette (look it up) that had been converted into a waterless wishing well.

But I digress.

I got invited to a small party. But truth be told I’m nervous about partying with extremely short people. Plus it was cold and I needed a nap.

Name three things that are popular in Prague: American nostalgia. Pop culture. And weed.

We went to Klemintum for an evening of classical music. And it was quite an education.

I learned that Vilvaldi was not a front band for Springsteen.

I learned that “Ava Maria” was not Madonna’s first smash hit.

And I learned that “Roll over Beethoven” is not considered classical music. Who knew?

Walking back across the Charles Bridge was cold comfort indeed. But I lived to tell the tale. Hence this blog.

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