Stopping by Prague on a snowy day

I’m already in Nuremberg, but I can’t let go of Prague just yet.

True confessions. I’ve lived in Florida for all but six of my 75 years.

Still, I love the snow.

Every now and then I simply have to lose myself in the snow. And for two of our three days in Prague, it felt to me like brisk manna was falling from the heavens.

And so I took a walk around this lovely European city as it draped itself in white.

I strolled past the working men of the Leggi bridge.

And met the Aphrodite of Kampa Park.

I watched a couple lure a river rodent with promises of substance.

And saw skaters lured by the seduction of ice.

I saw benches with no occupants. And watering cans with nothing to do.

I saw art for art’s sake at Kampa Museum.

Plus a guy on a horse.

Listen, I know kids like to play in the snow, but this is ridiculous.

Theater of the imagination.

Reflections on a snowy day.

Kampa contrasts.

As I walked, the snow intensified,

Soon I came upon the spirit of the season.

And I looked up.

Everywhere in Prague are reminders of the Velvet Revolution. When the city set itself free of communist rule.

Snow what?

The old Jewish cemetery seemed especially stark in the snow

“All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants, too.” B. Dylan.

Tables with a view. But no one to see.

Couldn’t resist one more reference to Prague’s peeing men.

Good night Prague.

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