The book on Melk

Being a trained observer of the human condition I of course feel an obligation to report to you my observations of the cozy Danube-side Austrian (not Australia thank you very much) town of Melk.

Right: An ancient map of Melk and I lifted off Google. Left: A riverside map of Melk that I photographed because it was frigging cold out there and I didn’t think I could handle the 15-minute walk into town.

Top: The world-famous Ferry House next to our dock. Bottom right: Der Ferryman for whom the world-famous Ferry House was named. Bottom left: The scenic tabletops at the world-famous Ferry House.

Listen, I’m not gonna point any fingers here, but it’s clear to me that some greedy out of town developer – no doubt from South Florida – is getting ready to Florida-ize the pristine town of Melk. And no doubt raze this cute little cottage (bottom right) in the interest of filthy lucre.

A Melk structure with religious connotations. Bottom right: A view of a Melk structure with religious connotations as seen from a bridge.

Left: A bridge. Center: Christmas ornaments on a bridge. Right: The emblem of the local high school mascot (“Go Lions!”) in front of Austrian futbal banners.

Left. Woods. Center. Frozen ditch in woods. Left: Vacant bird houses in woods. Draw your own conclusions.

Top: Our squat but sturdy little boat (ship). Bottom: Evidence that Melk is a dramatic little town indeed.

In which we bid auf weiderstein (approx spelling) to Melk. (BTW, I think I look pretty good in an opera cape and top hat, don’t you?)

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