On the avenue

On the avenue, you may be havin you a solid ball, but it ain’t no ball at all….Lambert, Hendrix and … More

The wrong message

Listen, I understand Tigert Hall’s impulse to be circumspect. I’ve understood it since I was a higher education reporter back … More

Not one more

We have known for decades that University Avenue was unsafe for anybody who is not wrapped in a steel automotive … More

Just don’t blame us….

Thank goodness for the Florida Department of Transportation. If it didn’t exist, Gainesville would have to invent it. Because whatever … More

Our deadly streets

It must be a new year because we’re wringing our hands, again, over people getting run down in the streets … More

The new jaywalking

I’m riding in my car. I turn on the radio. And then, before I can even lip-sync “Fire,” there is … More

Our dumbest stroad

This is the NW 8th Avenue Stroad, between NW 6th Street and Main. It is quite possibly the dumbest Stroad … More

More autoAmerican anarchy

“How bad might the post-pandemic carpocalypse be?” asks Streetsblog USA. Well, let’s take a look, shall we? Should it surprise … More