UF is upside down

Call it what it is. A full blown University of Florida scandal. And it’s unraveling with breathtaking speed. Last week … More

All eyes on UF

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This cannot stand

When does a great university begin to auction off its reputation and integrity? What does it profit a public university … More

Who are those guys?

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Chasing Realtors

Note: This blog has been modified since its original posting to correct an error concerning school board rezoning. Let’s connect … More

Oh sure, blame us

Why us world? I just want to know when The Sunshine State became the Scapegoat State. Blame Florida for screwing … More

Is this the future of news?

My piece about the rise of non-profit news organizations in Florida. Just published in the Fall issue of Forum magazine.

So many questions

Listen, I gotta ask: 1. Now that City Manager Lee Feldman has resigned, do we have to keep calling everybody … More