One morning in Nuremberg

We woke up Friday morning to something extraordinary had taken place. Our first full day in Nuremberg, and it had snowed throughout the night.

What are Floridians to do when they find themselves strangers in a strange land? Throw snow of course.

And so we began to stroll about this medieval city. And I thought about establishing a relief fund for bicycles that have been stranded in the snow.

Snow notwithstanding, the Christmas market was booming.

You could look out any window and see what Jack Frost had wrought.

The city was was glorious in its white starkness.

As it has been it shall always be.

Because the snow is no stranger here. Rather, it is an old friend dropping in for yet another visit.

This city that has endured more than a few winters and emerged unscathed.

The land abides.

And the seasons, like the people, come and go.

It is simply winter’s turn in Nuremberg. And we were fortunate to bear witness to its presence.

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